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25 Films You Must See Before You Die

Weekend Marathon Friday 18 November, 8.30pm

Posted on 30/10/11

World Movies presents the 25 films You Must See Before You Die, over one exciting weekend marathon, from Friday 18 November 8.30pm.

After a two week national vote, we are thrilled to reveal Australia’s favourite international films.

Coming in at number one is Amelie, the charmingly surreal 2001 French film starring Audrey Tautou as a woman determined to bring joy to the lives of strangers. Roberto Benigni’s Oscar-winning Life Is Beautiful came in at number two, with the acclaimed classic Cinema Paradiso following as the third most popular international film. Rounding out the top five were martial arts masterpiece Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and Brazilian gang epic City of God.

Covering nearly 100 years of cinema, World Movies’ 25 Films You Must See Before You Die are the award-winning films and the cult favourites that every cinema-lover should see.

See below to plan your weekend of viewing!


 Friday 18 November


 #25 – Jules Et Jim


 #24 – Y Tu Mama Tambien
 Saturday 19 November  


 #23 – The Rules Of The Game


 #22 – Les Enfants Du Paradis


 #21 – Belle De Jour


 #20 – 8 ½


 #19 – The Bicycle Thief


 #18 – Women On The Verge…


 #17 – Wings Of Desire


 #16 – The Seventh Seal


 #15 – Breathless


 #14 – Mon Oncle


 #13 – La Dolce Vita


 #12 – In The Mood For Love


 #11 – Metropolis
 Sunday 20 November


 #10 – Three Colours: Blue


 #9 – Ring


 #8 – Run Lola Run


 #7 – Das Boot


 #6 – Seven Samurai


 #5 – City Of God


 #4 – Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon


 #3 – Cinema Paradiso


 #2 – Life Is Beautiful


 #1 – Amélie


    Irene loring said

    I would pick Das Boot as my favorite,best anti war film ever.Cinema paradiso beig next.Also The Human Condition is wonderful but hard to find .

    Graham said

    I like all your movie very good to watch

    Barry said

    Always and forever Cinema Paradiso, followed by Malena. Guiseppe Tornitore knows which buttons to push.

    Mike said

    which movie is the one with that girl kissing the black movie?

    Lorraine said

    I am astonished that you do not have ‘Potemkin’, or any other film made by Eisenstein! Surely ‘Mongol’ deserves a guernsey and what about ‘Destiny of a Man’, ‘War and Peace’ the Russian one that is. or any of other films from the former USSR and nowadays Russia!

    What about ‘Sunrise’??? Or any other silent film? My goodness, who picked these films? Someone under 20yo?

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