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Gift Ideas for Foreign Film Buffs

Posted on 16/12/11
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With Christmas just around the corner, the team at World Movies have come up with gifts for any fan of international cinema. Ranging in price – from budget to ridiculous – this is our guide to last minute presents for the movie buff in your life. Have any more suggestions? Let us know on Facebook.

1. The Oxford Guide to World Cinema

Truly the gift that keeps on giving. The international movie buff in your life will spend the rest of Christmas Day poring over this tome dedicated to the past 100 years of world movies. Written by respected scholars and critics from around the globe, this is the definitive guide to foreign film.

2. One of the 25 Films You Must See Before You Die

You voted for the line-up and then spent an entire weekend ingesting too much caffeine to ensure you saw everything. This year’s 25 Films You Must See Before You Die was one of our biggest audience-voted marathons ever, with every film a masterpiece of foreign film. Use it as a definitive list to buy DVDs for the ones you love.

3. Foreign Language Magnets

Instantly add subtitles to all the photos and magnets decorating your fridge. Magnetic Poetry is available in everything from Spanish to Swedish to Dutch – it’s a great way to learn a new language and you’ll be addicted to creating new sentences from the hundreds of words in each pack.

4. Film Festival Memberships

No matter where you’re based in Australia, there’s a film festival near you. From the Melbourne International Film Festival to Dungog Film Festival and Warambeen Film Festival, many festivals have memberships and even early bird tickets on sale throughout the year. Support the industry and enjoy the finest cinema from around the world – it’s a lovely present for your movie buff friend.

5. Spend a night at Govinda’s

There’s something very special about spending a night at Govinda’s in Darlinghurst, Sydney. From the sumptuous vegetarian feast, to the famous beanbag chairs to relax on while you watch the movie, it’s a film institution. Screening films such as Nicholas Winding Refn’s Drive and Lynne Ramsay’s We Need To Talk About Kevin, it’s the perfect gift to share with your foreign film loving friend.

6. Book the Fellini Tour of Italy

Need an extravagant way to spend that Christmas bonus? How about spending the yuletide in wintry Rome and looking for that world movies experience? This article gives you all the information you’ll need to live like Fellini and see the most famous sites of his films. From the Piazza Navona apartments he adored, to the Trevi Fountain from that famous scene in La Dolce Vita, immerse yourself in foreign cinema’s favourite director.