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World Movies Secret Cinema: Battle Royale

Posted on 22/10/12

On Sunday 21 October, hundreds of unwitting World Movies Secret Cinema guests were thrown into a Battle Royale-themed experience on Sydney Harbour.

On the day, all ticket-holders were sent an elusive final clue via SMS, which instructed them to meet at King St Wharf. Once there, they boarded a boat with an unspecified destination and were given backpacks containing water, maps and a “weapon for survival”.

The final location was revealed as Goat Island, where guests participated in martial arts training, watched burlesque and TaikOz performances, stopped for harbourside drinks and enjoyed delicious noodles for dinner.

Then, as the sun set, they made their way to two island cinemas (with Hello Panda snacks to munch on), for the Director’s Cut of the Japanese cult classic Battle Royale.

One of the surprises of the evening was that attendees were each invited to stage a unique death scene – in true, blood soaked style.

World Movies will be screening the Battle Royale Double next week – from 9.30pm Tuesday 30 October.

World Movies Secret Cinema is set to visit Melbourne and Brisbane in early 2013 – stay tuned for more details.

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World Movies Secret Cinema Death Scene Competition Terms & Conditions