Friday 31st of October 2014 2:11am
NOWA Touch of Sin2:05 am
NEXTHoneymoon4:15 am


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WM PREMIERE: Declaration Of War (France, 2011)

Thursday 7th November 2013 8:30pm

Beautiful Juliette and dashing Romeo are two souls whose electric first encounter and rapid storybook romance is quickly followed by the birth of a child. But their lives are transformed overnight when a visit to their paediatrician results in a stunning verdict: their infant son…

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WM Mindbenders

Wednesdays at 8.30pm, starts November 6

Take a trip to fantasia as World Movies presents a selection of weird and wonderful films destined to boggle your mind. android sms spy Wednesday 6 November 8.30pm Australian Television Premiere Painted Skin II (Hong Kong, 2012) A roller-coaster sequel to the 2008 film, an…

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The Story of Film

Weeknights at 7.30pm, starts Monday November 4th

The Story of Film is the definitive documentary about the way the film industry has evolved, has influenced society, and the most important cinematic works ever made. This visually-stunning 15-part series features clips from thousands of landmark films, beginning with the creation of cinema in…

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WM Indie: Electrick Children (USA, 2012)

Sunday 3rd November 2013 7:55pm

A young Mormon virgin awakens to find herself inexplicably pregnant after secretly listening to a forbidden tape of The Nerves' classic hit “Hanging on the Telephone”. Facing shame in her community and a forced marriage, Rachel flees and, accompanied by her stern cousin, hits the…

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Starts Thursday 31st October 8.30pm

It’s all tricks and no treats this Halloween on World Movies, as we play the gut-wrenching horror hits The Human Centipede and The Human Centipede II ‘front to back’ for the first time ever on Australian television. This Halloween, confidently go where very few films…

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Miss Bala (Mexico, 2012)

Wednesday 30th October 2013 8:00pm

Laura is a young woman whose only dream is to become a beauty queen. When she enters the Miss Baja California competition, she meets drug-trafficker Lino and is pulled into the criminal underworld after witnessing a series of horrific murders. Soon the beautiful Laura is…

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Silent Souls (Russia, 2010)

Monday 28th October 2013 8:30pm

Aist is a middle-aged bachelor who lives in a lonely town in Northern Russian. He, and many others in the town, identify as Meryan – an indigenous people who were assimilated into Russia in the Middle Ages. One day his boss Miron tells him that…

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The Angels’ Share (United Kingdom, 2012)

Thursday 24th October 2013 8:30pm

‘The Angels' Share’ is a comedy directed by legendary British filmmaker Ken Loach, which won the Jury Prize at the Cannes Film Festival 2012. It tells the story of a young Glaswegian father who narrowly avoids a prison sentence. He is determined to turn over…

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WM Adult: Passion or Perverse?

Monday 14th October to Sunday 20th October 8.30pm

Where do you draw the line between passion and perverse? This October WM Adult explores what happens behind the closed curtains of suburbia, or deep in the woods after dark. Extreme or timid? Love or fetish? Only you can decide, and we’re serving up seven…

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Trishna (United Kingdom, 2011)

Thursday 10th October 2013 8:30pm

From acclaimed director Michael Winterbottom (‘24 Hour Party People’, ‘9 Songs’) comes this heart-wrenching modern-day retelling of Thomas Hardy’s classic novel ‘Tess of the d’Ubervilles’. Starring Freida Pinto, ‘Trishna’ is a beautifully shot tale of love and tragedy set across rural India and the thriving…

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