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WM: Adult in September

Australian Television Premiere Saturday 22 September , 9.30pm

Posted on 24/07/12

World Movies gets hot and steamy this Spring with a month of WM: Adult films – including four Australian premieres and one all-time late-night classic.

For the first time on TV, catch the twisted drama of award-winning Australian film Sleeping Beauty.Then tune in for the sexually ravenous affair of Lie With Me, find out what happens when two couples fall in love in Happy Few, and discover the insatiable libido of The Slut. And for those that enjoy a happy ending, our last film of the month is WM: Adult favourite Novo – starring the vivacious Spanish star Paz Vega.

Lie With Me (Canada, 2005) – Saturday 1 September 9.30pm
Leila is a happily unattached young woman, with an insatiable appetite for different male partners. But all that changes when she meets an handsome artist named David, who is looking for a serious relationship. Unable to ignore their sexual attraction but desiring completely different things they embark on a passionate affair, and they become hopelessly entangled in each other’s lives.

Happy Few (France, 2010)
– Saturday 8 September 9.30pm

Nominated for the Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival, Happy Few follows two couples in their thirties who meet and fall in love. The four become passionately inseparable, but keep their secret from their children and other friends. However feelings get mixed up and the developing relationships become painfully confusing for all involved.

Sleeping Beauty (Australia, 2011) – Saturday 15 September 9.30pm
This Australian drama had its world premiere as a Competition film at the Cannes Film Festival 2011. Sleeping Beauty follows the haunting story of a young university student who begins an erotic freelance job where she is sedated and sleeps in bed with paying customers, unaware of what they have done to her when she awakes. It is the directorial debut from Australian Julia Leigh, and won several awards around the world including Best Direction in a Feature at the Australian Directors Guild 2012.

The Slut (Germany, Israel, 2011) – Saturday 22 September 9.30pm
Tamar is a beautiful young woman who lives alone with her two daughters in rural Israel. She has a voracious sexual appetite, and is regularly visited by several men in the village. One day an old acquaintance Shai returns to the town to handle his dead mother’s assets, and the two soon fall in love. But will Tamar be satisfied with only one partner? This scintillating exploration of female sexuality premiered at the Cannes Film Festival 2011.

Novo (France, 2002)
– Saturday 29 September 9.30pm
The women in Graham’s life decide to use his terminal memory loss to their sexual advantage! A lusty homage to Memento, with a sexy Spanish twist, and a gorgeous cast.