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World Movies Halloween Horror

Marathon Monday 31 October, 6.30pm

Posted on 28/09/11

World Movies celebrates Halloween with chest-thumping thrills for the ultimate Halloween scare-fest. Hideo Nakata’s Japanese smash hit, Ring, went on to inspire a Hollywood remake with Naomi Watts, but it’s the original urban myth about a soul-sucking video tape that reigns supreme. Likewise, The Grudge, about a supernatural house with an axe to grind, was another Japanese horror hit that went Hollywood, while South Korean monster movie, The Host, unleashes terror on the city of Seoul. Finally, intriguing Hong Kong psychological thriller, The Eye, finishes the ride with a supernatural suicide.

Ring (Japan, 1998)
This horror story surrounding an ominous video is a spine-chilling film that will leave you captivated right until its shocking conclusion. This is the cult phenomenon that has inspired two sequels and a Hollywood remake.

The Grudge (Japan, 2003)
The inspiration behind two Hollywood remakes, Takashi Shimizu’s The Grudge is a chilling reinvention of the traditional western ghost story that practically resonates with dark atmospheric tension. A significant benchmark in the Japanese horror genre.

The Host (South Korea, 2006)
This South Korean horror flick by director Joon-ho Bong is not for the faint of heart. When a giant, unidentified monster emerges from the waters of the Han River, death and destruction follows in its wake, including the abduction of young girl, Hyun-seo. When she is regurgitated by the monster in its gory lair, Hyun-seo dusts off her mobile phone and gets a message to her grieving father. This sparks her entire family into action, but their wild rescue effort is hampered by the Korean and US governments who are eager to brush the incident under the rug.

The Eye (Hong Kong, 2002)
A spine-tingling psycho-thriller from the Pang Brothers. A young blind woman receives a cornea transplant, and with it, the ability to see much more than she bargained for. A huge hit in its homeland, the film inspired a sequel and soon a Hollywood remake.