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Cannes Film Festival

10 things you might not know about Cannes Film Festival

Posted on 13/05/15

The 68th Cannes Film Festival kicks off this week, and to celebrate WM Spotlight: Cannes Film Festival is showcasing a selection of films that have wowed Cannes audiences in the past. Tune in Wednesday 13 May from 8:30pm EST to catch the Francois Chalais prize-winner, Where Do We Go Now?, Thursday we’ll be showcasing the…


GIVEAWAY: Win tickets to the Belgian drama TWO DAYS, ONE NIGHT (COMP CLOSED)

Posted on 29/10/14

Multiple Palme d’Or winning filmakers, Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne, return to the screen with their latest masterwork Two Days, One Night. The Dardenne brothers are notorious for their intensely naturalistic films about lower class life in Belgium, and have an impressive portfolio of award-winning cinema including Rosetta (Palme d’Or, 1999 Cannes Film Festival), L’Enfant (Palme…


GIVEAWAY: Five films you won’t want to miss at Lavazza Italian Film Festival 2014 (COMP CLOSED)

Posted on 03/09/14

Can you smell that salty Mediterranean air? Can you taste that earthy red wine? Can you feel the sun on your neck? If you’re stuck in an office a million miles from Rome, the reality is – you probably can’t. But if a trip to Italy isn’t on the cards anytime soon, never fear. This…


GIVEAWAY: Cannes Grand Prix winner 'Reality' (COMPETITION CLOSED)

Posted on 26/06/13

Eyebrows were raised when the director of the hyper-violent Mafia film Gomorrah announced his next film would be a comedy about reality TV. But the 2012 follow-up by Matteo Garrone, aptly titled Reality, was a smash hit – even taking home the Grand Prix at the Cannes Film Festival last year. The film follows Luciano,…


A Bluffer’s Guide to the Cannes Film Festival 2013

Posted on 14/05/13

The world’s most prestigious film festival kicks off tomorrow and we couldn’t be more excited. Cannes is more important and influential than any other festival throughout the year – so you don’t want to be stuck grappling for answers when it comes up in conversation with your over-earnest film-buff friend. That’s why we’ve put together…