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5 international horror films you must see

Posted on 30/10/13

It’s that time of year again. Halloween is almost upon us and the streets are soon to be flooded with witches, ghouls and the odd Miley Cyrus look a-like. For those who prefer the darker side of All Hallows’ Eve, it’s all tricks and no treats as World Movies presents a horror double-up that goes where…


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Battle Royale Double

Tuesday 30 October 9.30pm
Posted on 09/10/12

Battle Royale – Director’s Cut (Japan, 2000) – Tuesday 30 October 9.30pm  In the near future, Japan is near a state of collapse. To scare the citizens back into order, the government enacts the Battle Royale Act which dictates that each year a randomly selected class of school children will be chosen for a cruel…


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Silent But Deadly

Posted on 14/03/12

Movies about murders taking place in isolated forest cabins can be terrifying at the best of times. But The Silent House takes it to the next level, with the entire 78-minute film being shot in one single, unrelenting take. The Russian Ark of the horror genre, the audience isn’t given even a second’s reprieve as…