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Goethe! (Germany, 2010)

Sunday 18 November 8.30pm
Posted on 11/10/12

In the vein of Shakespeare in Love and Amadeus, comes this charming take on Germany’s most famous literary genius and rebel starring Moritz Bleibtreu. After aspiring poet Johann Wolfgang von Goethe fails his law exams, he is sent away to a sleepy provincial town to reform. At first he tries to do his best at…


Nothing to Declare (France, 2010)

Monday 29 October 8.30pm
Posted on 08/10/12

Ruben is a Belgian customs officer with a hatred of all things French. Mathias is a French customs officer with a secret love for Ruben’s sister, Louise, who works in the chocolate shop. Their would-be relationship is tested by a series of hilarious misunderstandings involving a drug-smuggling ring, and Ruben’s desire to see his sister…


WM Adult & Mix106.5 Love God Giveaway

Posted on 03/09/12

All this week on Mix 106.5 Love Song Dedications, you can win one of 4 romantic, luxury weekend escapes at Somewhere Unique  in the Hunter Valley to enjoy a cheeky night-in with World Movies Adult. Includes 2 nights’ accommodation, complete with dinner hamper, wine and chocolate! With a sexy selection of internationally acclaimed films, including…