Friday 5th of February 2016 11:59pm
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Goethe! (Germany, 2010)

Sunday 18 November 8.30pm
Posted on 11/10/12

In the vein of Shakespeare in Love and Amadeus, comes this charming take on Germany’s most famous literary genius and rebel starring Moritz Bleibtreu. After aspiring poet Johann Wolfgang von Goethe fails his law exams, he is sent away to a sleepy provincial town to reform. At first he tries to do his best at…


Nothing to Declare (France, 2010)

Monday 29 October 8.30pm
Posted on 08/10/12

Ruben is a Belgian customs officer with a hatred of all things French. Mathias is a French customs officer with a secret love for Ruben’s sister, Louise, who works in the chocolate shop. Their would-be relationship is tested by a series of hilarious misunderstandings involving a drug-smuggling ring, and Ruben’s desire to see his sister…


WM Adult & Mix106.5 Love God Giveaway

Posted on 03/09/12

All this week on Mix 106.5 Love Song Dedications, you can win one of 4 romantic, luxury weekend escapes at Somewhere Unique  in the Hunter Valley to enjoy a cheeky night-in with World Movies Adult. Includes 2 nights’ accommodation, complete with dinner hamper, wine and chocolate! With a sexy selection of internationally acclaimed films, including…


Lope (Spain, 2010)

Sunday 17 June8.30pm
Posted on 08/06/12

This is a chronicle of the life of famed Spanish playwright and poet Lope de Vega, who dominated Spain’s early Golden Age of Theatre in the 16th Century. Lope returns home from war as a dashing young soldier, as the city of Madrid is being built in 1588. He is ambitious and eager to write,…


WM Audrey Tautou

Tuesday 17 April9.30pm
Posted on 05/04/12

The names speak for themselves – they are the brightest stars of world cinema.  Every month World Movies showcases three of their most iconic films over three consecutive nights. This month, we focus on the beautiful Audrey Tautou. Amelie (France, 2000) – Tuesday 17 April 9.30pm The award-winning international box-office smash that charmed hearts the…


Forever Enthralled (China, 2008)

Sunday 11 March 8.30pm
Posted on 20/02/12

This is the epic story of Mei Lan Fang – the performer who overcame the prejudice to become China’s greatest opera star. Born to a family of Beijing performers in 1894, Lan Fang grew up in a period where opera stars were the equivalent to prostitutes. Charting the early roles that brought him fame with…


A Distant Neighbourhood (Belgium, 2010)

Thursday 16th February 8.30pm
Posted on 29/01/12

By chance, fifty-year-old Thomas finds himself back in the little town of his childhood. While visiting his mother’s grave he faints, after being overwhelmed by the memories of her and the father that abandoned him. Coming to, he sees that his mother’s name is no longer inscribed on the tombstone. He soon realises he has…